Storytelling House


This storytelling house ("ty story" in Welsh) is designed to sit in harmony with its surroundings, giving a welcoming shelter and intimate atmosphere for music, tales or just listening to the rain falling. Designed around the green roof with interior rafters resembling a wagon wheel and a central bubble dome skylight, it will be aesthetically in-keeping with any surrounding - we can design the roof ecology to fit in with your environment. Green roofs are great from an environmental point of view - they replace or create a habitat on the footprint of the building, making an environment in which plants and animals can flourish.

The one shown in the pictures was built for a nearby preschool playground in Corris, Powys, and so has a roof of local slate - a common environment here - with Sedum for no-maintenance growth, even in dry conditions (which do sometimes happen, even in Wales!). The structure itself is made from larch, douglas fir and oak. We can design yours around the place where you would like it - just let us know!

call us for exact dimensions.

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