Compost Toilet with Disabled Access


Based on the attractive Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilet design, this disabled access composting toilet has all the charm of the original model, but has been redesigned to comfortably accommodate somebody in a wheelchair, plus a carer.

Using statutory dimensions for disabled access toilets, this compost loo for wheelchair users functions in exactly the same way as our other wheelie bin compost toilets, and can be sited in the location of your choice. Perfect for a visitor centre or school grounds, on your camp site or allotment, or in your gardens or garden centre.

This is the first in our range of composting toilets that has been designed specifically to be accessible to wheelchair users. The toilet is supplied with acess ramp and comes complete with all fixtures and fittings, including two wheelie bins, grab rails and toilet roll holder.

The toilet uses the wheelie bin system for capturing and storing the humanure and each toilet is fitted with a pee diverter to keep solids and liquids separate. Urine separation optimises the composting process and ensures that you have high grade compost at the end, with no smells along the way.

Read more about how our compost toilets work here.

We have already installed a number of our disabled access compost toilets across the country. You can see a list of some of our installations here.

Due to the size of this toilet, the cost of delivery varies depending on your location. If you are interested in one of these toilets, or would like any more information, please contact us.

Click here to see the full range of our Composting Toilets.

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