Kingfisher Memorial Bench


We are delighted to introduce you to one of our latest creations which is dedicated to one of the most amazing birds in the world. Kingfishers are symbolic of freedom, courage, adventure, and balance and in many cultures, these birds are also associated with good fortune. This handsome outdoor bench celebrates this stunning and elusive creature with its dazzling, coloured plumage providing a flash of brilliance in contrasting its more subtle riverside habitat.

This magnificent bench is built to last and working with the wood in a way that reconnects the finished product to its source. The soft curved edges of the bench mimic the branches of the tree on which the kingfisher would be poised ready to dive for hidden treasures in the waters below.

This bench would fit perfectly in a wildlife garden, nature reserve, as a story-telling seat or a commemorative bench for a significant other with a passion for birds or nature.  

A beautifully crafted and unique addition to a variety of outdoor settings which will complement its surroundings and provide a haven to sit and contemplate nature, to spin a yarn or simply just to be.

Materials: Oak

Dimensions: 120cm wide x 115cm tall x 60cm deep


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