Tree-bog Compost Toilet


Please note that we have a long lead time and the moment. Please contact us via our online shop to find out how long it is.

This is a bespoke compost toilet that we built in-situ on a campsite overlooking the beautiful Mawddach estuary in Mid Wales. The Tree-bog compost toilet takes its name from the fact that human compost, or 'humanure', is a great fertiliser for trees and therefore not surprisingly trees growing close to composting toilets are particularly vigorous.

Unlike a conventional compost toilet, a tree bog should never need emptying. Effectively, it is a system for converting human fæces to biomass. The tree bog combines resource production and waste disposal and functions by transforming fæces and urine into growing trees and organic soil.

A beautiful, waterless compost loo, that helps trees to grow too!

Because of the precise biological requirements need for a tree bog to work, we will need to install the system in person and make sure all requirements are met to keep it working. Please get in touch before buying so that we can discuss your needs.

The price quoted here is just a guide price only, please contact us with your needs and we can give you a tailored quote.

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A tree bog is simply a compost toilet whose function has been enhanced by use of moisture/nutrient-hungry trees. The compost toilet structure is surrounded by two closely planted rows of osier or biomass willow cuttings which purify waste as they grow and also contain the organic waste, thus preventing the spread of disease - all whilst creating soil! This living wall of willow can then be woven into a hurdle-like structure and its annual growth can be harvested.

Tree bogs can also be sited on the edge of existing stands of trees, woodlands or hedges: the mature tree roots will soon find the additional source of nutrients, so that the willow may be unnecessary, - or indeed, in the middle of a mature woodland, pretty well impossible due to shading.

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