Driftwood Mermaid Sculpture


This beautiful sea-siren is an embodiment of her natural environment and is as mixed in origins as legends tell; she is one-part sun-bleached driftwood, washed from the sea, and one part freshly grown land-wood from the country surrounding her beach. She, or one of her sisters, would gladly be at home at a house by the sea or the beach.

We really enjoy making bespoke carvings and sculptures like this one and can do our best to conjure up anything your mind can come up with. Perhaps a half-seal selkie, or a merman or a nereid? Or maybe a kelpie or even a kraken?

Our mermaid was made in warmer climes than Wales as you can see from the picture - South Africa, in fact - but any future pieces will come from the beaches and woods of Snowdonia in Mid-Wales. We think that our driftwood sculpture combines the essence of both these landscapes and may be one of the most sustainable pieces of art you can come by!


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