Lighthouse Throne


 This custom made nautical-themed oak throne with its distinctive bold symmetrical design, would be perfect as a story chair for an educational outdoor or indoor setting, stirring the imagination and inspiring young listeners to enter the world of stories and fantasy. 

 Ideal also just as a striking outdoor piece in a place with a sea view, in a coastal setting or for lovers of sea themed paraphernalia. 

 A Throne fit for Sea Gods - One can imagine Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea and protector of all waters; presiding over his marine realm from this stately chair, commanding respect from all under the sea and worshipped by sailors and fisherman, who relied upon him for safe passage.  

Materials: 100% Solid Oak

Dimensions : 

Total Height : 170cm

Total Width : 100cm

Inside Seat Width (Back) : 60 cm

Inside Seat Width (Front) : 70cm

Seat Height: 45cm 




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