Shepherd's Hut


We are selling this very shepherds hut. ready for collection or delivery.

A uniquely beautiful, hand crafted wooden Shepherd's Hut, featuring innovative interior furnishings and decorations. Built from scratch on the base of a former Hay Cart, this Shepherd's Hut is full of charm and has the huge benefit of being on wheels, so can be moved around as needed. The Hut is fully insulated throughout - the roof, floor and walls - and all the windows are double glazed, to make for a super cosy, and easy to heat space no matter how cold it might be outside.


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The Hut pictured has been completely finished, with exotic wallpaper, fairy lights and soft furnishings. We can also make you a Shepherd's Hut to varying degrees of completion, depending on your budget and style. Please contact us with your ideas.

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