Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench


Enhance your home or garden with the versatile and stylish Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench from FreeRangeDesigns. Handcrafted in Wales, this piece combines elegance with functionality, making it a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor setting.

- High-Quality Materials: The top of this Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench is made from a single piece of reclaimed slate, polished to a smooth finish and treated with a traditional linseed oil mix. This ensures it is stain-resistant and easy to clean.
Solid Oak Construction: The legs and crossbar are crafted from solid, locally sourced oak. These components are joined using traditional mortise and tenon joints and slate dowels, providing exceptional durability and strength.
- Eco-Friendly Finish: All wooden parts of the Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench are oiled with eco-friendly Organic Danish oil, enhancing their natural beauty and longevity.
- Versatile Use: This bench/table is perfect for use as a coffee table indoors or as a garden bench or table on your patio.

- Height: 40cm
- Length: 110cm
- Width: 35cm

Customization Options: Dimensions of the Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Please contact us for any modifications.

Order now to bring the charm and durability of the Slate Coffee Table / Garden Bench to your space. This handcrafted piece is designed to add both style and function, making it an essential addition to any home or garden.

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